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Why Us
We describe ourselves…
as "Business Development Specialists" - this term best describes how we can add the most value to your business.
Our major goal…
is to improve your business success through business information and advice that makes a difference.
We call ourselves specialists…
based on the experiences of our principal, Michael O'Brien over the past two decades.

Michael, a Chartered Accountant, was a senior finance executive for a listed public company during a time of substantial growth.

The key to this rapid growth was the acquisition and improvement of a large number of small regional and rural businesses. Their results were significantly improved due to the application of certain fundamental business principles.

These business principles can be applied in your business no matter how large or small.


Are these principles only financial? Absolutely not.
They include a commitment to your customer and product, putting the needs of the business before the needs of the owners and a lot of hard work and persistence.

But the financial principles form an integral part of this formula for business success.

Are they a guarantee of success? Unfortunately not, but these principles will significantly increase your chances of success.

Over many years, Michael has demonstrated that these principles can be applied to all businesses, he has been working closely with clients ranging from local retail shops to international companies with operations throughout Australasia.


You will also benefit from the latest technology in accounting and tax software enabling us to complete your statutory requirements very cost effectively. Our extensive library of information on business development is also available for you.

What Makes A successful Business Person?
"The most successful business people I've met are passionately determined to get it right, no matter what the cost. They are compulsive about detail. They focus their attention on the multitude of seemingly insignificant and unimportant things that make up every business. Those little things, when done exactly right, form in their aggregate that distinctive essence, that evanescent quality that distinguishes every great business from all those competitors satisfied with the mediocre, the ordinary, the just-getting-by performance that unfortunately marks the majority of businesses we come in contact with in our day to day lives. Yes, the simple truth about great business people is that they have a very real appreciation for the truly astonishing impact that little things done exactly and well can have on the world. - The E Myth"

When you talk to us there is no doubt that we are "passionately determined to get it right" for our clients.

For us, success in business is achieved no differently than success in sport or any other field of human endeavour.

It requires discipline, drive, persistence, an attention to detail, in other words, hard work.

It also requires the recognition of certain fundamental principles.


Unfortunately many business people tend to forget these principles in the day to day work of running their business. And yet, both hard work and these fundamentals ultimately lead to business success.

Just as an athlete benefits from the advice of a coach, so to a business person can benefit from an outside view of their business by an experienced specialist in business development.

Our success is measured by the improved profits of our clients.